12th May

Virtually Live


Tal Ron Q&A

“Everything will be back to normal soon enough”
Israeli lawyer Tal Itzhak Ron is returning to AffiliateCon this May to headline the AffiliateCon Virtually Live conference, with his famous Tal Ron All Stars Panel, following his success in the 2018 edition in Sofia.

In this exclusive digital session, Tal Ron has gathered industry experts to discuss, brainstorm and share their insights of the foreseeable future of the industry.

The panel comprises:
Moderator – Tal Itzhak Ron – Tal Ron Drihem & Co, Chairman and CEO
Matan Amoyal – Boiling Offers, CEO
Saulius Racevičius – ConnectPay, CEO
Assaf Stieglitz – Odds1x2 and PlayWiseCasino Co-Founder

Overcoming operational challenges, regulatory and financial hurdles and recent trends will be discussed, as well as professional tips to make your business successful.

This insightful virtual discussion, hosted by industry veteran Tal Ron is an event not to be missed. We caught a few moments with Tal to ask him some questions ahead of the panel.

How is the pandemic currently affecting you and your business?
As my business is a "people business" it mainly affects 'how' we do, not what we do. There is much less human interaction – though I come to my office almost every day. We have two locations in Tel Aviv (Ha’Arbaa Towers and Museum Tower) so we can split our teams between them. Those who live outside of Tel Aviv work mainly from home. Meetings take place by phone or video conferences; global conferences taking place this spring have gone digital/virtual and so on.

On the other hand, since we're in the "online business", fortunately, there is hardly any difference in the scope of our work and there is even an increase, due to the fact that the majority of people in the western world are at home most of their time. Many gaming and e-commerce companies (which are most of our clients), see an increase in revenues as well as in legal work. We really believe everything will be back to normal soon enough.

What advice would you give affiliates, service providers and operators during the current climate?
Regardless of what is happening, people must stay positive and look forward. Take the time to evaluate what you do and how can you do better; spend time with the family and developing your hobbies and interests, and make plans for the future.

What will your discussion panel be about at AffiliateCon Virtually Live?
Without giving away any spoilers, I'll touch on the recent hot potatoes occupying the industry; how the COVID-19 disrupted the industry; banking and compliance tips, projections and suggestions, and more. In any case it will be exciting.

Tal, (or should I say Tom?) can you tell us more about your song “Anthem (Afraid without a Reason)” by Tom Campione. What are your other musical plans?
I have been writing songs since from a very early age and have been recording and producing music in SynthPop, EDM and European Disco styles in my own ‘flavour’. Tom Campione is my new artistic name! I have lots of more songs on the way, as well as many international collaborations already done and waiting for release. Stay tuned!