12th May

Virtually Live


Jeton Kodia, Co-Founder, Oddspedia JSC

What's the biggest change you have seen in the industry in the last two weeks?
Honestly, I did not see a big change in the industry. Of course, there is way less betting going on and marketing activities have shifted towards esports etc. But in general, I don’t recognize a big change. Just a small one that lazy people have now more excuses not to answer emails.

What advice would you give operators (and / or affiliates) during these testing times?
I am very disappointed with a lot of the operator's behavior. Sending out unjustified emails and warnings in the light of the current pandemic without providing any rules and guidance as to what they expect. I strongly suggest they should check what they expect and what is allowed before taking any actions and decisions, instead of acting over-the-top and rushing things too fast which they revoke a short time later.