12th May

Virtually Live


Alex Donohue, Director, Pressbox PR

How is the pandemic currently affecting you and your business?
First and foremost, all Press Box PR staff and their families are healthy and team morale is as high as our hair is long!

Like everyone plugged in to the fortunes of the betting & gaming industry, the pandemic has hit the bottom line significantly, at a time when the agency was growing steadily ahead of a bumper summer of sport.

However, since the initial shock to the system over a month ago things have stabilised. And as the industry in general becomes increasingly more creative as sentiment improves, we're quickly moving on to working on new, timely projects in the world of eSports and casino, among others.

There's also even more demand for digital PR services to improve Google SEO rankings in an increasingly competitive environment - which is likely to stay of relevance as above the line marketing activity becomes subject to increasingly heavy regulation.

Many months ago I earmarked May as the time to launch the newly-named Press Box PR and nothing has convinced me otherwise to change our plans - other than not being able to celebrate in the pub.

One advantage of being a new, lean and agile agency is that we've quickly adjusted to working remotely and the pandemic has forced us to become more efficient and creative than ever before.

We see passing this extra value on to clients as the bare minimum, which is of critical importance when budgets have been quite rightly cut across the board as sport grinds to a halt.

As an optimist, I'm convinced the crisis has sped up decision making and the long-term outcome is that the boost to efficiency, creativity and ability to work effectively from anywhere in the world - which were already key traits in our industry - is here to stay.

What advice would you give affiliates, service providers and / or operators during the current climate? Cut your cloth accordingly and quickly - but don't shut down communication in full. It is a buyers' market at the moment and there are many specialists brimming with new ideas.

If you have any spare time to plan for the longer term, challenge colleagues, suppliers and partners new and old to suggest how they'll help you ride the wave as things return to normal.

Use any newly-found free wisely. It's unlikely any of us in our working lives will experience anything like this again, from furlough to a commute-free work life and everything in between.

We've split our spare time between publicising incredible fundraising feats, training and giving our new site & marketing material a lick of paint.